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Prompt Board

A Powerful, Management tool to manage your A.I. prompts, access prompts via keyboard directly and explore Prompt Trends from PromptBoard community.

Your Creative A.I. Toolbox

Manage your growing prompt collection with easy editing and sorting. Share prompts across ChatBots and AI models to unlock new possibilities. Customize your creative workflow and take your ideas further.

2,000+ Prompts

Explore trending prompts across topics and save your favorites for later use.

Prompt Keyboard

Access your prompts directly from the keyboard without leaving your apps.


Unlimited Downloads prompts to supercharge your brainstorming.

LLMs friendly

Share prompts across ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and more.

Prompt Keyboard

1-Click Prompt for instant inspiration

Access Prompts Anywhere

Browse over 3000 pre-made prompts and download them to your account. Access your prompts directly from the PromptBoard iOS keyboard for on-the-go inspiration.

Create on the Go

Organize your growing prompt collection

Organize easily

Jot down ideas as they occur to you and organize prompts to refine your idea. Easily keep your prompt collection tailored and up-to-date.

iCloud Sync

All data automatically synced via iCloud

Offline Ready

Work seamlessly without internet connection

Custom Output Style

Export prompts with various output options


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